Best Place on Your Body to Show Off a Temporary Tattoo

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You’ve found the perfect temp tattoo – but where do you put it? A lot of placement decisions will be made based on the style, shape and size of the fake tattoo.

Designs that are made of long lines, such as chains or vines, work best when coiled around a wrist, ankle or upper arm. Single small tattoos can be placed on the upper curve of a breast, in the hollow of a hip, or on the side of the neck.

Some tattoos are symmetrical and designed for placement on the chest or the shoulder blades. Alternately, you can slide down 18 inches or so and go for the lower back – with the right shirt and jeans, you can let a glimpse be seen – or cover up if your tattoo is only meant for that special someone to see.

Always test out new brands. High quality temporary tattoos will be non-allergenic, but the one you pick up at an outdoor market stall or novelty shop might not be. Ask around and find out what your temporary tattoo shop recommends, and always follow instructions for application and removal!

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